THE EASY WAY TO GET RID OF ALL THAT NASTY GUNK: This powerful griddle top cleaner makes quick work of built-up food and grease residues. Our quick clean griddle solution takes care of carbonized grease and food in a jiffy. Lifts hard to remove carbon build-up on home or commercial griddles.


SAFE TO USE ON YOUR COOKING SURFACES: Our griddle cleaning liquid is safe to use on food preparation surfaces and works on all types of griddles and grills. It’s a great blackstone griddle cleaner and works great as a stainless steel griddle cleaner, and on iron and chrome-infused griddles too. 


AN EASY TO APPLY GRIDDLE CLEANER LIQUID: Rinse griddle with cool water. Wipe dry, removing any loose food particles. Apply a thin layer of Griddle Master Max and raise the heat of the griddle until liquid is simmering. Remove liquified waste with a heat resistant utensil. Rinse surface and wipe dry.


BE SURE TO USE STRONG CLEANING PRODUCTS SAFELY: This powerful liquid griddle cleaner is safe to use on your home or commercial griddles. But be sure to follow directions. Keep out of reach of children. Cleaner may be harmful if swallowed. Take care to avoid any direct contact with skin and eyes. 


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re sure you’ll love how our powerful food-surface safe Griddle Master Max will get rid of built-up food and grease waste on your favorite griddles, but if you’re not completely satisfied we’ll refund your money within 30 days.

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